Extended Notes - Split Type Air Conditioners

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  • Project date: 14 June, 2021
  • Caution: These articles supplement Commodity Guides maintained by NIVDU of Sri Lanka Customs. They contain general information about commodities and their various aspects that have an impact on value.

Split type air conditioners get their name due their physical nature of containing an indoor and outdoor unit. Usually the indoor unit consists of the distribution and filter components while the outdoor unit contains the compressor and condenser components. The value of a split type air conditioner depends on a number of factors such as it’s physical nature, energy efficiency and so on.

Physical Type of the Air Conditioner

There are three major types of split type air conditioners in the market today. They are as follows;

  1. Wall Mounted (Sometimes referred to as ductless mini-split)
  2. Ceiling Mounted
  3. Cassette Type
  4. Floor Mounted

Capacity of Wall Mounted air conditioners tend to be limited to 36,000 BTU. They are usually priced less than other types. Ceiling mounted and floor mounted air conditioners which share similar specifications are usually priced alike.

Energy Efficiency (Inverter Technology)

Inclusion of inverter technology has a major impact on the value of a split type air conditioner.


The BTU (British Thermal Unit) is the standard measurement used to define the capacity of an air conditioner. Capacity of wall hanging type air conditioners usually starts from 9,000 BTU. The minimum BTU capacity of other types of units are higher.

Materials (Condenser)

The main two types of materials used are aluminum and copper. Copper condensers are generally regarded as a better option based on their energy conservation, durability, corrosion resistance and so on. Copper is also a costlier material. As such, the value of air conditioners are affected by the type of material the condenser is made of.

Air Compressor (Assembled Air Conditioners)

This is one of the technically advanced components of split type air conditioners. As such, especially in assembled air conditioners, it’s prudent to assess the brand, make and country of origin of the air compressor. The value of air conditioners produced by generic manufacturers (OEM) may vary depending on the quality of the air compressor.


While the above factors determine the overall price, the brand of the item is also an easy measurement tool. On average, international brands command the highest prices (LG, Philips, etc.) Indian and Chinese brands occupy the middle tier (HiSense, Telesonic).

Minor Factors

There are a number of factors that might have a minor impact on the value.

  • WiFi Connectivity - Smart air conditioners contain an additional circuit that connects the device to WiFi networks.
  • Colour/Material of exterior construction.