Sri Lanka Customs will implement new validation steps to VDF from 18th July 2022. In order to process your CUSDEC successfully,

  • [Total Invoice value of VDF] must be tallied with [total invoice value of VDF]
  • [Total additions in Valuation Note of CUSDEC], [total additions of commodity description table of VDF] and [total cost and services in terms of Article 8(1) of Schedule E of Customs Ordinance] must be tallied
  • All items in CUSDEC must be declared in VDF accurately and appropriately

This website includes all information required to perfect the VDF.

Fill the VDF properly and avoid the delays in processing CUSDEC.

  1. Validation Step for the Total Invoice Amount declared in CUSDEC and VDF
  2. Total Invoice value in the CusDec must be equal to the sum of all invoice values in the VDF declared in rows.

  3. Validation steps for total Additions in VDF

  4. Sum of the five items in CusDec Val note (i.e. External Freight, Internal freight, Insurance, other costs) should be equal to the Total under No 1 of the VDF.

    The Total of No 1 of the VDF is the summation of Sub headings 1.1 to 1.10. And the same Total should be equal to the sum of addition in the table of VDF.

    Please refer the images below and please note that the values produced in these images are incorrectly inserted.

  5. Validation step of Item numbers in CusDec

  6. All items in the CusDec should be declared in the VDF. So, all Item Numbers of CusDec should be declared in the VDF table at least for once. This verification step is also required to be added.