About Us

The National Import Valuation Database Unit (NIVDU) was established on 11th of January 2021 under the Compliance and Facilitation Directorate (C&FD) of Sri Lanka Customs. Our Objectives are:

  • Improve Risk Assesment
  • Curtail State Revenue Loss
  • Facilitate legitimate Traders

Our aim is to develop a valuation database for Sri Lanka Customs. The function of a valuation database is to provide referential values of commodities to Customs officers who will then be able to assess values of commodities more effectively. We envision that this process will curtail undervaluation of imports and hence secure state revenue. This process also aims to facilitate compliant traders.

Establishment of a Valuation Database at Sri Lanka Customs was first suggested in the 1990’s as a tool to aid the valuation process. While various attempts were made, development of a centralized valuation database could not be completed due to technical shortcomings. In 2015, a delegation from Indian Customs performed a feasibility study to assess the compatibility of integrating the Indian ‘National Imports Database (NIBS)’ with AsyCuDa World. At the time, this process was found to be infeasible. In 2019, ‘Valuation Database Committee’ was established. This committee decided to establish a specialized unit for the development of a valuation database that addresses all requirements of the department while being compatible with the AsyCuDa World System.

The National Import Valuation Database Unit (NIVDU) was hence established on the 11th of January, 2021. A three phased development cycle has been adopted. The completion of the first phase of development and unveiling of the NIVDU web portal is scheduled for the 23rd of June, 2021.


Developing and updating the application of Customs Valuation Database in Sri Lanka